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WHERE ARE THE LESSONS?? Wind Rider is located at China Creek Marina. If you need a campsite or a cabin while taking lessons please call or email to reserve your space. Phone 250-723-9812



WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING? Make sure to bring your smiles, sunscreen, layered clothing, sunglasses, wetsuit and flip flops or crocs. We suggest renting a wetsuit  from Island Surf co. 

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO LEARN TO KITEBOARD? Everyone is different. After a few lessons you will at the very least understand theory, safety, and have some epic time on the water. 

IS THERE WIFI? Unfortunately, there is not wifi yet. However, there is great cell phone reception.

IS THERE SHOWERS? Yes!!! Nothing better then getting out of the water and having a hot shower! Also, no outhouses! Plumbing all the way! 

IS IT COLD LIKE TOFINO? No! Surprisingly the Alberni Inlet get really sunny and the water is fairly warm. In August you will see people kiteboarding without a wet suit! 

IS IT BUSY WITH KITEBOARDERS EVERYWHERE? No, this is one of the best reasons to learn on Alberni Inlet because it is you and the instructor working together to get you riding independently, no need to worry about moving around other kiteboarders. 

WHAT EQUIPMENT DO YOU TEACH ON? We teach on the best kites in the business Ocean Rodeo and Eleveight

WILL I WRECK MY CAR DRIVING ON THE GRAVEL ROAD? Unless you are driving like a mad man, your car will be fine. Luckily the logging road is only 6-10 minutes long. 

WHEN DOES THE WIND COME? We get amazing thermals that come in almost every afternoon. 15-30 knots. 


WHAT FORECAST DO YOU USE? We use Predict Wind. Download the app. Set a pin on the map. Go to tables. Ignore the "Wind" forecast. Look at the "Gust" forecast. That will be a very reasonable indicator of the actual wind for the day and for the next couple days ahead. Youre looking for clear skies and a south wind.

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